Process a Refund

Refunds must be processed manually through the Billhighway system, rather than through OpenWater's interface. If you need to issue a refund to an entrant, please contact for information on how to do so.

You can still manually mark an invoice as refunded for your own record keeping, and this guide will direct you on how to do that. The following process does not action any refunds, and should be used only for your own record-keeping purposes.


STEP 1: Click Manage from Dashboard
  • Click on 'Manage' on the competition containing the entry you want to mark as refunded.
STEP 2: Go to Invoices / Manifests
  • Click 'Finance' and then Invoices / Manifests
STEP 3: Find your entrant's invoice
  • Search for an invoice -- you can leave all fields blank to search on all invoices.
  • Open the desired invoice by clicking "Select" on the right-hand side, under the "Action" header
STEP 4: Access the Accounting Tab
  • Click the "Accounting" tab to view the invoice details
STEP 5: Manually Mark the Invoice as Refunded
  • This step does not action a refund. As Billhighway does not support refunds through OpenWater, you will need to contact them to do this.
  • Once you have completed this step and are ready to mark the invoice as refunded, click "Only Mark in System, I will manually Process Refund"
  • Add the amount and any necessary notes
  • Click "Process"