Mark an Entry as Paid

This will show you how to mark an Entrant's entry as paid.

STEP 1: View Unpaid Invoices
  • From your OpenWater Dashboard, click on the "Invoices" drop-down to open it
  • Click on "Unpaid Invoices"
STEP 2: Select an Invoice
  • Open the desired invoice by clicking "Select" on the right-hand side, under the "Action" header
STEP 3: Access the Accounting Tab
  • Click the "Accounting" tab to view the invoice details
STEP 4: Start Processing the Payment
  • Click "Process Payment" to open the form
STEP 5: Process Payment Details
  • Enter the amount to apply
  • Leave any notes desires
  • Select the payment method

    Note: for credit card payments: Avoid Duplicate Charges - Click Process Only Once
  • Once fully paid the invoice will be marked "PAID", and the associated entry will note "Paid" on its corresponding details page