Export Entries to Excel

This will show you how to download entries.

STEP 1: View Your Competitions
  • From your OpenWater Dashboard, find and click the Competitions tab on the left side navigation bar
STEP 2: Manage Your Competition
  • After clicking on the Competitions tab, look to the right to find the list of available competitions
  • Click "Manage"
STEP 3: Access Submissions Reports
  • Open the "Entries" drop-down and click on "Reports"
STEP 4: Choose a Report
  • Choose one of the four default reports to run, or press "Add Report" to build a custom report
  • Click "Select" to open the desired report
STEP 5: Choose a Format and Download
  • Click either "CSV" or "Excel" to download the report in that format

    Note: export may take some time, so please do not click on the button again