Results and Winner Assignment

Configure Scoring Ranges

Scoring ranges make it possible to automate the appointment of winners based on their scores.  

STEP 1: View Your Competitions
  • From your dashboard, find and click on the Competitions tab on the left side navigation bar.
STEP 2: Manage Your Competition
  • After clicking on the Competitions tab, look to the right to find and click on "Manage"
STEP 3: Access "Configure Scoring Ranges" in Round Settings
  • Click to open the "Round Settings" drop-down
  • Click "Configure Scoring Ranges"
STEP 4: Configure the Scoring Ranges
  • Enter the range for each scoring group
  • Select "Forward" if you want to automatically forward the entries in this range to the next round
  • Select "Do not forward" if you do not want to automatically forward the entries in this range to the next round
  • If the entrants have to pay to be taken into the next round, select "Entrant must pay fee to enter next round"
  • Click "Save"
STEP 5: Set Advanced Scoring Range Settings
  • Switch to the Advanced tab to specify the scoring method: you can choose to calculate percentile, average score, or rank position within that scoring group
  • Click Save to confirm changes
STEP 6: Allocate Winners

The next step is to actually allocate Winner types to appropriate entries. 

  • Open the "Tools" drop-down
  • Click "Winners Allocation"
STEP 7: Apply Allocations
  • On the opened page you will see how many winners are assigned to each scoring group you have.
  • Click "Apply Allocations" to appoint all winners in one click.