Getting Started

Admin Sign Up Form

Welcome to this year's American Advertising Awards Software Setup. As with every year, you register to become an administrator within the OpenWater Awards software. We have streamlined the process this year, so watch the video or read the instructions below to get started.

Sign Up Form

STEP 1: Go to the sign up portal
  • Visit the sign up portal located here (
STEP 2: Choose your club
  • Scroll down and select the club you are registering for.
STEP 3: Login or Create Account
  • If you have an account from a previous year, login on the left side.
    • If you forgot your password, you can click Forgot Password link to retrieve a new password.
  • If this is your first time using OpenWater, create an account on the right side.
STEP 4: Complete form
  • Complete all of the required fields of the sign up form.
STEP 5: Fast Track or OpenWater Configured
  • On the sign up form, you have the option to choose Fast Track or OpenWater Configured.
  • Fast Track. If you choose Fast Track, we will get you your admin access within one business day so you can login and begin making edits to your competition configuration. Your competition's settings will have been copied over from last year. But you will still need to update your competition dates and price rules.
  • OpenWater Configured. We will send you a Google Document detailing what your settings were the previous year. You can then reply with what you want changed and updated. We will make those edits for you and then provide you access to the system.
STEP 6: Wait for Admin Access
  • If you chose the Fast Track Option, we will respond within one business day with your administrative access.
  • If you chose the OpenWater Configured option, it may take up to three business days.
STEP 7: Begin Configuring Your Competition