Allow an Entrant to Enter More Data

submissions entries edit change

This will show you how to allow an entrant to add or edit the information on their entry.

STEP 1: Click the active competition you are interested in
  • From Dashboard click the target competition.
STEP 2: Access Complete Entries
  • Under the "Entries" and "Complete" headers, click on the number of completed entries to be taken to a list of them
STEP 3: Select the Entry
  • Find the desired entry and look to the right to find "Select" under the Action header
  • Click "Select" to open the specific entry
STEP 4: Select "General" Information
  • Find and click on the "General" information header
STEP 5: Enable "Allow Entrant to Enter More Data"
  • Scroll down to find and check the box labeled "Allow Entrant to Enter More Data"
  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the form